May 26th – Chadd & Christa Carnley – Letter to the SUN

Stand behind Mike Le Roux 

As a Naturalized Citizen of the United States of America Mike has an appreciation for our Nation.  He has gone through the process legally to enjoy the privileges that America offers to its citizens. Like many before him, he came here in the right way, and he is exercising upon the opportunities that our nation offers each and every one of us. 

Mike Le Roux has had the rare opportunity to observe other governments throughout his life. These governments have not always offered their citizens the same freedoms we so enjoy in the United States of America. He recognizes that our freedoms are rare, fragile and a privilege. He understands our rights as law abiding citizens and is dedicated to defending them. He has worked hard and diligently to protect and defend those under his command.

The benefits of the expertise Mike Le Roux brings to our County has only improved things for all of us who reside here. He brings integrity by observing the law, and we can only express gratitude for the enforcement we’ve observed he has implemented in our county already. We find that he serves with humility, but takes pride in the badge that he stands behind, and he is reliable in his word and in his actions. 

We know that one man cannot do it alone, but it does take one man to step up to the plate, take the heat, and set the record straight. He’s a man that is physically fit to do the job and mentally strong to take the strain of a leadership position. Therefore we stand behind Mike Le Roux and support him, as our next Archuleta County Sheriff. 

Chadd and Christa Carnley