Jun 9th – Jim Huffman – Letter to the SUN

Best Qualified Candidate

Dear Editor,

I have researched Mike Le Roux’s record as Archuleta County Director of

Emergency Management and as Undersheriff as well as his contributions

to our community while he was still working for GECKO. I have also

spoken to Mike and to people I know and trust who have worked with and

for him.

In addition, I have read all the letters to the editor in support of Mike Le

Roux from people I know, trust, and respect who have worked closely with

him over the last eight years. With what I personally know of the way he

has operated, I believe that he has the knowledge, experience, and

compassion necessary for the job and is the best qualified candidate for

our next Archuleta County Sheriff.

Please join me in voting for Mike Le Roux for Sheriff!

Jim Huffman