Jun 2nd – Lynne Bridges – Letter to the Sun

Support for Mike Le Roux

I’m writing in support of Mike Le Roux for Sheriff. I have known and worked with Mike since 2014 while I was the Executive Director of SEEDS of Learning. I first met Mike when he was with another local non profit called G.E.C.K.O (Giving Every Child Knowledge of the Outdoors) and we teamed up to create an annual program called ‘getting little seeds outdoors’. Between GECKO and Seeds we managed to get whole classes of little kiddos outside and into the woods for a day, finding finding fun ways for them to enjoy and interact with nature. For his imposing size Mike was very good at finding ways to ‘get down to their level’ and engage them, sharing his passion for the outdoors with them.  After this Mike continued his support of SEEDS in various ways and both he and Kirsten were always enthusiastic about opportunities for the improvement of early childhood education in our county.

During his time at the Sheriff’s Office Mike was involved in the ‘Reading to the Kids’ program and he and other deputies would fold their large frames in tiny SEEDS chairs to read children’s books they had selected. However, probably the most memorable contribution Mike made to SEEDS was by being a Star at the 2019 Dancing with the Stars fundraising event where he trained for months to present a stylish salsa and raised a boatload of much needed money. 

I have found Mike to be selfless, giving, reliable, personable and an excellent communicator. I believe that the Sheriff is first and foremost a person of and for the community, and Mike has proved that he is this through and through, consistently over many years. 

Lynne Bridges