Jun 2nd – Linda Reed – Letter to the SUN

Le Roux: Community Spirit

Dear Editor,

I noted with interest the two side-by-side advertisements for Sheriff in the May 19th edition of The Sun. One of the candidates, Mr. Neagle’s advertisement notes “I will regain the community’s trust” and “…put the Sheriff’s Office back in the community.”

I can attest to the trust and committed community spirit Mike Le Roux built during the time I was Superintendent of Archuleta School District and Mike was Commander of Emergency Management at the Sheriff’s Office from around 2016 until my retirement in July 2020.

Here are a few of the interactions I can remember: Mike instigated, coordinated and facilitated valuable monthly multi-agency / organization coordination meetings, many of which I attended; He would call me at 5am on winter mornings to discuss snow delays, bus routes that might be affected and county impacts; After we received  a series of grants that allowed us to purchase improved radio communication devices, Mike was instrumental in the ’school safe program’, conducting radio use training and programming for school radios and coordinating with Dispatch; He proactively planned and coordinated discussions on Active Threats within our school district, which l know later culminated in an important workshop/multiagency table top event; He brokered an updated Red Cross sheltering agreement to include the school district in evacuation plans, re-establishing necessary relationships; He has participated in numerous ‘career days’ through the High School and has also been involved in a number of trainings and presentations to various groups of children and adults in his various capacities.

Mike is a top level thinker who demonstrates proactive forward planning on a community-wide scale. He is an excellent and clear presenter, communicator, and trainer, and he’s dependable and trustworthy. He has a long demonstrable track record of community engagement and builds sincere and solid relationships wherever he goes.

Additionally, he could be found reading and talking to the kids at the elementary school with the Sheriff’s Office school reading program.

My vote for Sheriff goes to Mike Le Roux.


Linda Reed