Jun 2nd – Chris Boyd – Letter to the SUN

Le Roux: Effective Leader

I retired after 30 years in law enforcement. I held supervisory and managerial assignments in patrol, investigations, and SWAT. I know from my own experience what it takes to effectively lead law enforcement to accomplish the mission of delivering the best protection and service possible to the citizenry.

In 2018, I became a member of Upper San Juan Search and Rescue. Since then, I have gotten to observe first-hand Mike Le Roux’s leadership and management style. He consistently leads by example and strives towards perfection. Mike is a natural leader and has the ability to direct a diverse group of individuals towards accomplishing a shared goal.

As the Director of Emergency Management prior to being appointed Undersheriff, Mike had a multitude of diverse responsibilities, including wildland fire and search and rescue. Mike was responsible for leading people and managing projects and resources. He provided training and equipment necessary for successful outcomes in critical incidents, all while operating within a meager budget. During the COVID pandemic, Mike was responsible for managing the county-level response.

Undersheriff Le Roux models a high degree of professionalism and personal accountability. He also demands professional conduct by his subordinates and has made it known that he will not tolerate misconduct. He expects his staff to treat everyone with dignity, compassion, and respect. If they fail to do so, he will take prompt and appropriate disciplinary action. The citizens deserve this, and Mike demands it.

The role of Sheriff is quite complex. The ACSO currently has a staff of 45, of which 18 are sworn personnel. ACSO is responsible for patrol, investigations, and running the jail. Mike has immersed himself in learning the roles and responsibilities of each member of the agency. He is cognizant of the role of Sheriff being to direct his resources (personnel & equipment) in the most efficient and beneficial manner for the public good.

Mike is not only dedicated to his profession, but is also actively involved in the community outside of work. He has participated in numerous charitable causes, including “Dancing with the stars,” GECKO, Seeds of Learning, Rise Above Violence, and Special Olympics. Mike is invested in our community and passionate about the safety and well-being of everyone in Archuleta County.

It is for the reasons stated above that I believe Mike Le Roux will make a great Sheriff of Archuleta County. A vote for Mike is a vote for leadership, integrity, accountability, professionalism, and safety. Mike’s leadership as Sheriff will enhance the quality of life for the residents of Archuleta County and make our community an even better place to live or visit. Please join me in helping Mike being elected as our Sheriff.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Boyd