Jun 16th – Karl Isberg – Letter to the SUN

Prepared and Qualified

Dear Editor

I support Mike Le Roux in his bid to be our next Archuleta County Sheriff.

In my time here as a journalist, I knew five county sheriffs, reporting on their activities and those of their subordinates. I knew several of the sheriffs well, on a personal level. I watched all these officials and the members of their departments do commendable work and, at other times, do less than well. In the process, I developed an opinion concerning what it takes in terms of skills and character for a sheriff to serve the community as effectively as possible.

Mike Le Roux possesses these skills and this character.

Mike is a POST-certified Colorado law enforcement officer who also possesses the administrative talents necessary to be successful as a sheriff. His working heading up Upper San Juan Search and Rescue, and the Emergency Management department, required administrative and leadership expertise and led to his appointment at Undersheriff, a job requiring involvement at all aspects of the operation of the agency – in the field. Mike has proven himself extremely capable, adaptable, and energetic. He understands the tasks set before him, and he knows how to deal with them.

And he knows the community/

It takes a decade or more to begin to know this place – its physical characteristics, and it’s people. This can’t happen over the course of a few years. Mike put in the effort, establishing a deep connection with residents and organizations in all parts of the county, with people of all ages, in all circumstances. He accomplished this over a considerable period of time, with work in law enforcement and related agencies, and with volunteer activities with groups such as GECKO, Seeds of Learning, and Rise Above Violence.

Mike is prepared and qualified to deal with the many challenges that face our next sheriff, among them the need to hire and retain high quality individuals, given the inevitable budget constraints, effective and ongoing training of road and detention personnel: dealing openly and honestly with county residents, listening when residents voice concerns, and responding appropriately; analyzing policies and practices, and making necessary changes; recognizing and dealing with day-to-day organizational details, as well as with the sometimes stressful internal agency and public situations that occur, regardless or who occupies the office.

All this and more comes with the job, and the undertaking requires a strong leader and a person of integrity. Mike’s desire to constantly seek both organizational and personal improvement and his ability to lead by example, are powerful and positive qualities he will bring to a critically important organization.

I urge my friends and neighbors to cast their ballots for Mike Le Roux.

Karl Isberg