Jun 2nd – Linda Reed – Letter to the SUN

Le Roux: Community Spirit

Dear Editor,

I noted with interest the two side-by-side advertisements for Sheriff in the May 19th edition of The Sun. One of the candidates, Mr. Neagle’s advertisement notes “I will regain the community’s trust” and “…put the Sheriff’s Office back in the community.”

I can attest to the trust and committed community spirit Mike Le Roux built during the time I was Superintendent of Archuleta School District and Mike was Commander of Emergency Management at the Sheriff’s Office from around 2016 until my retirement in July 2020.

Here are a few of the interactions I can remember: Mike instigated, coordinated and facilitated valuable monthly multi-agency / organization coordination meetings, many of which I attended; He would call me at 5am on winter mornings to discuss snow delays, bus routes that might be affected and county impacts; After we received  a series of grants that allowed us to purchase improved radio communication devices, Mike was instrumental in the ’school safe program’, conducting radio use training and programming for school radios and coordinating with Dispatch; He proactively planned and coordinated discussions on Active Threats within our school district, which l know later culminated in an important workshop/multiagency table top event; He brokered an updated Red Cross sheltering agreement to include the school district in evacuation plans, re-establishing necessary relationships; He has participated in numerous ‘career days’ through the High School and has also been involved in a number of trainings and presentations to various groups of children and adults in his various capacities.

Mike is a top level thinker who demonstrates proactive forward planning on a community-wide scale. He is an excellent and clear presenter, communicator, and trainer, and he’s dependable and trustworthy. He has a long demonstrable track record of community engagement and builds sincere and solid relationships wherever he goes.

Additionally, he could be found reading and talking to the kids at the elementary school with the Sheriff’s Office school reading program.

My vote for Sheriff goes to Mike Le Roux.


Linda Reed

Jun 2nd – Chris Boyd – Letter to the SUN

Le Roux: Effective Leader

I retired after 30 years in law enforcement. I held supervisory and managerial assignments in patrol, investigations, and SWAT. I know from my own experience what it takes to effectively lead law enforcement to accomplish the mission of delivering the best protection and service possible to the citizenry.

In 2018, I became a member of Upper San Juan Search and Rescue. Since then, I have gotten to observe first-hand Mike Le Roux’s leadership and management style. He consistently leads by example and strives towards perfection. Mike is a natural leader and has the ability to direct a diverse group of individuals towards accomplishing a shared goal.

As the Director of Emergency Management prior to being appointed Undersheriff, Mike had a multitude of diverse responsibilities, including wildland fire and search and rescue. Mike was responsible for leading people and managing projects and resources. He provided training and equipment necessary for successful outcomes in critical incidents, all while operating within a meager budget. During the COVID pandemic, Mike was responsible for managing the county-level response.

Undersheriff Le Roux models a high degree of professionalism and personal accountability. He also demands professional conduct by his subordinates and has made it known that he will not tolerate misconduct. He expects his staff to treat everyone with dignity, compassion, and respect. If they fail to do so, he will take prompt and appropriate disciplinary action. The citizens deserve this, and Mike demands it.

The role of Sheriff is quite complex. The ACSO currently has a staff of 45, of which 18 are sworn personnel. ACSO is responsible for patrol, investigations, and running the jail. Mike has immersed himself in learning the roles and responsibilities of each member of the agency. He is cognizant of the role of Sheriff being to direct his resources (personnel & equipment) in the most efficient and beneficial manner for the public good.

Mike is not only dedicated to his profession, but is also actively involved in the community outside of work. He has participated in numerous charitable causes, including “Dancing with the stars,” GECKO, Seeds of Learning, Rise Above Violence, and Special Olympics. Mike is invested in our community and passionate about the safety and well-being of everyone in Archuleta County.

It is for the reasons stated above that I believe Mike Le Roux will make a great Sheriff of Archuleta County. A vote for Mike is a vote for leadership, integrity, accountability, professionalism, and safety. Mike’s leadership as Sheriff will enhance the quality of life for the residents of Archuleta County and make our community an even better place to live or visit. Please join me in helping Mike being elected as our Sheriff.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Boyd

Jun 2nd – Lynne Bridges – Letter to the Sun

Support for Mike Le Roux

I’m writing in support of Mike Le Roux for Sheriff. I have known and worked with Mike since 2014 while I was the Executive Director of SEEDS of Learning. I first met Mike when he was with another local non profit called G.E.C.K.O (Giving Every Child Knowledge of the Outdoors) and we teamed up to create an annual program called ‘getting little seeds outdoors’. Between GECKO and Seeds we managed to get whole classes of little kiddos outside and into the woods for a day, finding finding fun ways for them to enjoy and interact with nature. For his imposing size Mike was very good at finding ways to ‘get down to their level’ and engage them, sharing his passion for the outdoors with them.  After this Mike continued his support of SEEDS in various ways and both he and Kirsten were always enthusiastic about opportunities for the improvement of early childhood education in our county.

During his time at the Sheriff’s Office Mike was involved in the ‘Reading to the Kids’ program and he and other deputies would fold their large frames in tiny SEEDS chairs to read children’s books they had selected. However, probably the most memorable contribution Mike made to SEEDS was by being a Star at the 2019 Dancing with the Stars fundraising event where he trained for months to present a stylish salsa and raised a boatload of much needed money. 

I have found Mike to be selfless, giving, reliable, personable and an excellent communicator. I believe that the Sheriff is first and foremost a person of and for the community, and Mike has proved that he is this through and through, consistently over many years. 

Lynne Bridges

May 26th – Chadd & Christa Carnley – Letter to the SUN

Stand behind Mike Le Roux 

As a Naturalized Citizen of the United States of America Mike has an appreciation for our Nation.  He has gone through the process legally to enjoy the privileges that America offers to its citizens. Like many before him, he came here in the right way, and he is exercising upon the opportunities that our nation offers each and every one of us. 

Mike Le Roux has had the rare opportunity to observe other governments throughout his life. These governments have not always offered their citizens the same freedoms we so enjoy in the United States of America. He recognizes that our freedoms are rare, fragile and a privilege. He understands our rights as law abiding citizens and is dedicated to defending them. He has worked hard and diligently to protect and defend those under his command.

The benefits of the expertise Mike Le Roux brings to our County has only improved things for all of us who reside here. He brings integrity by observing the law, and we can only express gratitude for the enforcement we’ve observed he has implemented in our county already. We find that he serves with humility, but takes pride in the badge that he stands behind, and he is reliable in his word and in his actions. 

We know that one man cannot do it alone, but it does take one man to step up to the plate, take the heat, and set the record straight. He’s a man that is physically fit to do the job and mentally strong to take the strain of a leadership position. Therefore we stand behind Mike Le Roux and support him, as our next Archuleta County Sheriff. 

Chadd and Christa Carnley

Rules for Political Campaign Signs

From Archuleta County Election Administration


Remove Signs:

After Primaries on June 28th – Town of Pagosa Springs: Friday July 1st, 2022

After Primaries on June 28th – Archuleta County: Tuesday July 5th, 2022

Replace Signs:

Before General Election on November 8th  – Town of Pagosa Springs: Saturday September 24th, 2022

Before General Election on November 8th – Archuleta County Friday September 9th, 2022

Remove Signs:

After General Election on November 8th  – Town of Pagosa Springs: Friday November 11th, 2022

After General Election on November 8th – Archuleta County Thursday November 17th, 2022

Mar 19th – Press Release – Assembly Nomination Speech

Nomination Speech for the Archuleta County Republican Assembly held on March 19, 2022


Brigadier General, National Guard & Archuleta County Resident

Today, it is my privilege to nominate Mike Le Roux for Sheriff.

I do not make this nomination lightly. The Sheriff is arguably the most

important elected official when it comes to the day-to-day business of

the county. While Commissioners have an important focus on the

future, the Sheriff ensures the well-being of our community through

enforcement of our laws, keeping the peace, and handling a broad

array of challenges from wildfires to search and rescue, to even propane delivery.

We must choose our Sheriff wisely. That wise choice is Mike Le Roux.

I say this for two reasons. First, leadership. Mike is a fantastic leader.

He has the enthusiasm, decisiveness, ability to listen, and

collaborative nature our fine law enforcement professionals expect in

their leader. Further, if you know Mike, you know he would never ask

someone to do something he would not do himself, a highly desirable

trait to look for in any leader.

Second, Mike provides both continuity and fresh perspective. He has

proven himself in multiple high stress leadership positions within the

Sheriff’s Office and is ready to take the reins. His understanding of the

entire array of challenges facing the Sheriff’s Office from law

enforcement to wildfires combined with his great relationships across

the community and in the region will allow for a smooth transition. That

smooth transition doesn’t mean Mike won’t be constantly seeking to

improve and build on the foundation of success laid down by the great

law enforcement officers who help make Archuleta County such a

wonderful place for us all. I know with Mike in the lead, our Sheriff’s

Office will be ready for the future.

For these reasons and many more, I proudly nominate Mike Le Roux

for Sheriff of Archuleta county!

Mike Le Roux’s Acceptance Speech

Note: Jim Huffman seconded the nomination with a speech as well, noting Mike and he shared years of volunteering for the same non profit – Seeds of Learning

Thank you, Jesse and Jim. I feel truly privileged to have been nominated and seconded by each of you. I am humbled by the kind words you have spoken today. Thank you. I accept your nomination for the position of Sheriff.

As I stand here this morning, I thank each, and every one of you for participating in the Caucus and Assembly process. I acknowledge that the opportunity to run for Sheriff has only been made available to me through the absolute support and backing of this community, and I am so appreciative of it.

I believe I have the skills, experience, resilience and energy to do this job well and make a difference. I am proud to live and work in this beautiful place, all of us here today call home, and I will continue to passionately serve you with every opportunity I’m given. I also want to see it safe and thriving.

I’d be honored to serve and protect YOU as Sheriff.