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Jun 16th – Karl Isberg – Letter to the SUN

Prepared and Qualified Dear Editor I support Mike Le Roux in his bid to be our next Archuleta County Sheriff. In my time here as a journalist, I knew five county sheriffs, reporting on their activities and those of their subordinates. I knew several of the sheriffs well, on a personal level. I watched all […]

Jun 9th – Simon Fuger – Letter to the SUN

Can’t Afford the Alternative As a former CEO and head of a division of a Fortune 200 Company, I have read my share of resumes. After a while you begin to spot red flags that you need to pay attention to. If you see a trend of repeated employment changes not accompanied by significant promotions, […]

Jun 9th – Jim Huffman – Letter to the SUN

Best Qualified Candidate Dear Editor, I have researched Mike Le Roux’s record as Archuleta County Director of Emergency Management and as Undersheriff as well as his contributions to our community while he was still working for GECKO. I have also spoken to Mike and to people I know and trust who have worked with and […]