I’m Mike Le Roux – I’d be honored to serve you as the Sheriff of Archuleta County

“I value an approach based on education, training, experience, ethical practice, public stewardship and continuous improvement.

I get things done because I’m driven, determined, flexible and disciplined. I am a natural problem solver, who enjoys finding creative and innovative approaches to solving challenges, and I feel fulfilled when I see something left even better than I found it.

I have always lived with a philosophy of pushing myself outside my comfort zone, and I’m good at adapting quickly to changing conditions and have the ability to make calm and agile decisions in the field.

I believe that to be a successful Sheriff requires community collaboration and cooperation across the board. A good leader within our remote, rural county must look for every opportunity to synchronize the activities of all relevant stakeholders to achieve a common purpose, and to foster a culture of combining of efforts in effective mutual aid. I have proved I can already achieve this in my role as Commander of Emergency Management.

I also believe in the value of active community engagement. Building sincere relationships matters to me in doing a job well, because it means I understand and can respond to everyone’s needs and expectations. If elected I would work hard to maximize all the resources we have available to us to make Archuleta County as safe and thriving a place as possible.

First and foremost I am a resident of Archuleta County. This is my county too and I want to see it safe and thriving. I am proud to live and work in Archuleta County and I will continue to passionately serve my community with every opportunity I’m given.  I believe I have the skills, experience, resilience and energy to do this job well and make a difference. I’d be honored to serve and protect the residents and visitors as Sheriff. ”

Mike Le Roux

Mike Le Roux is sworn in as Undersheriff of Archuleta County

“A person always doing his or her best becomes a natural leader, just by example.”

– Joe DiMaggio, former New York Yankees outfielder & Hall of Fame Baseball Player

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